Infografía: Imperio Móvil y sus tendencias

Infografía: Imperio Móvil y sus tendencias

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Las computadoras de escritorio van a la baja mientras las tabletas y smartphones van a la alza en popularidad. Tan solo es cuestión de tiempo antes de que la movilidad domine por completo al mercado.


Smartphones alone made up 60% of the smart connected device shipments last year. The rapid rise can be attributed to a plethora of factors: The intuitive touchscreen interface led to the fastest adoption rate in technology’s history while the sleek, unfettered design of mobile appeals to the masses as a companion to on-the-go lifestyles. Plus, the affordability can’t be ignored — mobile devices ring up at roughly half the price of their PC counterparts, and the battery life on smartphones last a full workday. With such a persuasive resume in its favor, mobile is an easy sell to any person in the market for a new electronic device. It’s no surprise that teens are on the cutting edge of this trend, with smartphones high atop many wish lists. As more people start toting smartphones and tablets, a rich market for e-commerce has sprung up, with businesses scrambling to take notes. Don’t fall behind as this new medium is poised to sit the digital throne.



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